What Type of Tea Does the English Drink?

According to recent figures, around 7.5 million people drink tea at least four times per day. And this number increases if we consider those who drink between one and two cups daily. 

But what type of tea do the English drink? Black tea is, by far, the most popular tea type among the British, followed closely by Oolong, herbal teas, and Earl Grey. 

As a result, these are the most commonly found tea types in supermarkets all across the United Kingdom. Make sure to stay with us a little longer to get to know other curiosities about tea and the English folks. 

What Type of Tea Does the English Drink?

How Many cups of Tea a Day Do the British Drink?

According to Statista, the UK consumes well over 100 million tea cups daily. You have to take into account that the entire population of the United Kingdom is roughly 68.7 million people. That means that each drinks at least two cups per day! If you don’t believe me, let me tell you that most hotels and houses in England have electric kettles to rapidly heat water for tea. In addition, most hotels leave some tea bags in the room for you to enjoy! 

One funny thing is that brits drink even more coffee! So, do the math to find out how much coffee they drink. 

What is the Most Popular Brand of Tea in England?

The leading tea brand, England’s favorite, is PG Tips. Yorkshire tea bags and Tetley are close followers. So, make sure to try them all and see which taste you prefer. 

What Time is Tea Time in England?

Afternoon tea is quite a common phrase in England. However, there is no established time for drinking tea. Brits enjoy tea in the morning, with their breakfast, in the afternoon after their lunch, and at night to warm their bodies in the winter. 

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, drinking tea during the night? What about caffeine? Well, there are plenty of herbal infusions and blends that are very low in caffeine. So, there are no worries about not sleeping at night. 

So, in a nutshell, any time is a good time to drink tea. 

What Makes Tea So Popular in the UK?

The early mentions of tea trace back to the mid-16th century. It was brought to England by the East India Company. The company came across the herb while they were stationed in Asia. 

Fast forwarding a couple of years, the East India Company established a tea monopoly back in the day. Plus, the government encouraged people to drink tea because it was produced within the British empire. This way, they collected more tax, increasing the Crown’s revenue. 

However, in the beginning, only nobles drink tea. So, many people didn’t even know what a cuppa tasted like. It was not until the 19th century that tea reached the working class. From there it spread through the entire population. The rest is, like they say, history.

What Kind of Milk do the British Put in Tea?

What Kind of Milk do the British Put in Tea

Initially, people used whole milk. But now they combine tea with any type available. 

The introduction of milk began in the early 18th century. This makes tea more popular since milk dilutes the strength of the brew. Many people argue against adding milk to the tea, while some others recommend it. In the end, it is all about your taste preferences. If you need any more information, make sure to take a peek at our pros and cons of adding milk to tea. 

Sugar came into play around the same time as well. The addition of sugar produces a soft and more enjoyable brew. 

One thing that both milk and sugar had in common is that both were considered a luxury back in the day, especially sugar. Consequently, tea’s popularity increased among the nobility and upper classes. 

What Kind of Biscuits Does the English Have With Tea?

Having biscuits with tea is a common practice among the English folk. Maybe they don’t have biscuits each time they drink tea, mainly because you need time to enjoy the experience, the tea, and the cracker. 

But let’s get down to business. What biscuits do the Englishmen like? Basically, any digestive cookie they enjoy. It could be salted or sweet crackers. It does not matter, as long as they are not too soft.

Do the English Drink Their Tea Hot or Cold?

It depends on the weather. For example, on a cold winter day, a hot cup of tea is the quickest way to warm your body. In contrast, cold tea would be a great way to refresh yourself on hot, sunny days. 

In Summary

Black tea is the most popular tea type among Englishmen and women. Initially, the brew was restricted to the higher classes that could afford the herbs. But once it was available to the other classes its popularity increased rapidly. Nowadays, more than 165 million cups of tea are brewed each day in the UK! This means that the average person drinks tea at least twice. 

How many cups do you drink? Are you close to the average Englishman?

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